We have created a second server that mirrors the main server. If the main server does go down the backup server automatically takes over requests from web users (our customers). This transition is seamless to the user and they can continue to access reports without interruption. Our connections are true peering points, which means our server is not dependent on any single internet connection. 

Additionally, our server is now continuously monitored and we are immediately notified of any problems.




Our server is now connected to fast fiber optic connections. 

Get your reports 7 times faster.

Our dedicated server is many times faster than our old server. The search engines can now scourer our massive database utilizing multiple search criteria without making you wait all day for the results .

Our backbone connections are redundant to ensure speed and reliability.


We have rearranged the search sections of our site and added several new search forms to help you tailor your search.

One-click and you are looking at report data. After logging in, you are automatically shown the most recent 25 reports.

Reports open in new windows.  You can compare two reports at the same time, or just go back to the result page without having to hit the "back" button.

We are collecting much more data from our web site customers. We will use this information and make modifications to the search engines to match your needs.